Leverage Value Through Customized Career Advisory Offerings

We believe each student has a potential to excel in a field. We offer career advisory to students and professionals looking to be sure about the right career for them before making a career decision. We offer an Online Career Counselling Service powered by Artificial Intelligence. This web service is aimed at revolutionizing how students make their decision regarding what career streams to choose. The career advisory is a result of guidance offered by highly qualified career counsellors and input from psychologists used together by very experienced data scientists. It employs artificial intelligence injected by a team of computer scientists to generate the most optimal advice. It is successfully offering career advice to students from over 105 countries.


NorthBay Speaker - Khuram Rahat

  • Issues faced by students/educational institutions

  • How does NorthBay address this issue?

  • Key differentiator

Industry Speaker - Asad Husain

  • Importance of choosing the right career.

  • Career challenges and how to face them.

  • How to deliver great business results and cultivate individual success.

AWS Speaker -Nadeem Chaudhry

  • Building a tech workforce for in-demand roles of tomorrow

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Khuram Rahat

Sr. Vice President Northbay

Over 30 years of experience at the country and regional level spanning multiple verticals including Government,
Telecommunication and Finance. Khuram has track record in business strategy development and execution.
He also possesses vast experience in managing multimillion dollar businesses and markets.

Asad Husain

Global HR Executive

Asad Husain is a Global HR Executive with over 31 years of experience, and a four-time CHRO. He has extensive global experience in assessing, recruiting, developing, and growing global talent to help blue-chip companies.


Nadeem Chaudhry

Regional Lead, E2W - ASEAN

Nadeem Chaudhry has two decades of problem solving & solution selling experience to Telecoms, Group Accounts & Enterprises. He has worked with technologies including but not limited to, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, Cloud, ERP/CRM, AI, Analytics, Big Data, Customer Experience, Data Centers, SS7, Diameter & Gaming.


Application & DB Migration

Elevate your applications and databases into
the Cloud


Application & Data Modernization

Rejuvenate legacy applications and data in
the Cloud


Data Lake & Analytics

Develop and deploy Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Advanced Intelligence


DevOps Enablement

Transform teams with skills & tools to become DevOps experts


Cloud Application Development

Build new & portable cloud-native applications


Machine Learning & AI

Develop and deploy Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Advanced Intelligence